If you can’t see a cellular phone to the left, download the appropriate java version from this link. Install, restart your browser and try again.
Note: You can also use your keyboard for navigating and your mouse for choosing menu elements. Just click on the phone screen.
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Sketch2Go 0.84


Graph Screen

Right/Left keys
Move Vertice mode: Move the x position of the vertice.
Add Segments mode: Move’s through the segment icons
Up/Down keys
Move Vertice/Edge mode: Raise/lower vertice/edge position.
Add Segments mode: Move through the segment icons
Fire key (center of joystick)
Move Vertice/Edge mode: Select/unselect a vertice/edge -
The selected vertice/edge will be changes color from red to green.
Add Segments mode: Draw the selected segment from the segment icons at the bottom.
0 Key
Show/hide quickMenu
5 Key
Move Vertice/Edge mode: Select/unselect vertice/edge.
1/7 Keys
Move the derivative screen up/down.
3/9 Keys
Move the function screen up/down.
Pound Key (#)
Reset function and derivative screen location.
Star Key (*)
Show / hide Main Menu.


Use the left/right keys to cycle through menu options.
Press select key (the joystick center key) to enter your selection.
Move Vertice / Move Edge
Enter vertice/edge movie mode
Add Segments
Returns to add segments mode

Main Menu

SMS Center

Inbox: Shows a list of recieved drawings. Press right \ left to cycle through details or press right soft button for more options.
Send Drawing: Sends the graph to another cellular phone (not available in this demo).
Send Sketch2Go: Sends a download link to another cellular phone (not available in this demo).


Load: Load a previously saved drawing from the archive.
Save: Save the current drawing.
Delete: Delete a previously saved drawing from the archive.