Textbooks still take a major part in the life of students around the world. They are wide spread, easy to read and used for years. One major con, though, that is true even to digitized textbooks, is that they are static – the reader is passive and their content remains the same.

By definition, augmented reality (AR) is a method of enriching one’s view of the physical world with more information about it. What if we could take a traditional paper textbook and make it more alive? Update it in real-time? Add on top of viewed pages information that is uniquely relevant to the reader?

In this paper, we would like to suggest a textbook augmentation system that would enrich, using mobile devices and AR techniques, the readers’ experience and bring more information and knowledge as well as means for interactive learning and collaborative discussion, to the printed world.

Download: Augmented Textbooks – Position Paper.pdf

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